Queue (queue) wrote,


I got an email from O'Reilly yesterday, asking me to come in for an interview next week for the production position. Yay! I don't know how competitive this position is, but I feel confident in my interviewing skills. I've never interviewed for a job and not gotten it. Now, I must note that the only jobs I've interviewed for were ones where they were hiring people anyway, and I had a feeling that the interview was basically there to make sure that I didn't have 6 heads or something. However, I've always felt comfortable at interviews, and I've always felt good walking out of them. So, unless the interview goes horribly for some reason, I think I'm going to give notice at my job a week from Monday, which will be two weeks from when my one year there is up. I figure that, even if I end up not getting the O'Reilly job, something else will come my way. If I'm good enough for one company to want to interview, I think I'll be good enough for other companies, too. And I think we can afford to have me completely unemployed for a couple of months, and I can always do something menial to make ends meet if nothing comes my way. I really enjoyed working at Burger King when I was living in Texas, so maybe I could do that again. Or working in a locally owned cafe or something would be fine, too. Or maybe I could try retail. In any case, there are a lot of things I would be fine doing until I find a more permanent job. Whee!

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