Queue (queue) wrote,

Well, that was quick

My house goes on the market June 20th. The assignment they gave me was to reduce the clutter on the main floor. So, I think the next two weekends will be devoted to cleaning and getting rid of stuff.

And they'll also be looking for a place for me downtown. There were two of them, and they made a really impressive presentation. I left it feeling like they were going to work really hard for me. Plus they seemed nice, which is . . . nice.

Anyone want to come over and pick through my books and suchlike? Probably dishes, too. I need to figure out what I'm keeping. If I were a really organized person with lots of free time, I would make a detailed list of everything I'm getting rid of. I'm not that kind of person, though.

And I also need to get pre-approved for a mortgage. I called and left a message with Washington Mutual, and I'll see what they have to offer me. And then I'll shop around.
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