Queue (queue) wrote,

Harry Potter

Okay, time to read the book. I picked it up and found the bookmark from when I started reading it quite a while ago, and it was on page 8. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it. Once I finish it, I'll have to borrow the rest from a friend, since I'm sure the libraries will have their copies checked out, and I really don't think I need to be buying too many more books right now.

It feels weird to be at home alone for the evening. Kit has gone over to dway's to sit and crochet together for the evening, and other people have other things going on. There are actually only a very small handful of people that I would feel comfortable just calling up on the spur of the moment and seeing if they wanted to get together. Like, maybe something like 4. The number of people who I could email and ask if they wanted to do something for the future is slightly larger, like maybe 6 or something. And then there's people I would feel comfortable inviting to a group event, like a party or whatever, and that's pretty huge, since it involves three large mailing lists.

I think I'll use this time to read Harry Potter for a while, then watch The Simpsons' at 7:30, then maybe do some crosswords, then maybe take a bath and go to bed early, since I'm carpooling with dway tomorrow, leaving from her place at 6:45.

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