Queue (queue) wrote,

Welcome! You've got mail!


Turned over the keys at 12:30 today, after a morning full of cleaning.

Thanks to treacle_well, magid, zzbottom, and even a non-LJ person (yes, they exist) for help with the move Thursday and Friday. There were the usual fuckups, but everything turned out okay, except for our non-LJ friend's car getting sideswiped in our neighborhood. The jerk took off, but someone saw it and has a description of the car. The car is apparently one that parks here regularly, so our friend will get a call from these people when they see the car and get its license plate number.

Beds are set up. Table is set up. Living-room futon is set up. Recliner is set up. New fridge was delivered yesterday (the kind with the freezer ont he bottom, very keen). And I just got the computer set up. We're getting ATTBI a week from today, so I'm using a scrounged AOL disc to do dialup in the interim.

Probably won't get much more house stuff done today, since I'm heading into Davis soon, I think. And, I decided to check LJ first, so I still need to check my email.

Can someone remind me to get out the announcement for my Boggle tournament?

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