Queue (queue) wrote,

Closing Day

Well, we leave in less than an hour to close on our new condo. There were some tense moments the past few days not knowing if something that needed doing that I put off doing might have cost us the closing, but everything turned out okay. I think the big thing that will be the relief will be getting the keys to the place. I'm not as worried about the moving. We have a truck reserved. We have people to help. We have a whole weekend to do it in case anything gets screwed up. I think we'll be fine.

Something weird going on with logging in. I log in, and it might appear fine, but the cookies don't get set, so I'm not actually logged in. I have to keep trying it many times, and then it finally works. I just happened to notice this last night since a friends-only post disappeared, which was odd. So, I've figured out that I can just keep reloading the login page, and it will eventually work. I should probably bug support about it.
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