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I had a really great birthday on Saturday.

Thanks to all the people who showed up, even those who just happened to run into the crowd. And a big thanks to the people who planned, organized, and schlepped stuff. It feels really nice to have such great people in my life.

The music was great, the games were fun, the presents were really neat, and the food was yummy.

I have continued to have a great birthday weekend, even though it involves rather more packing than I like. I can't believe we're closing on the condo on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to moving day, but it will be nice to have it over with, and I think it will be a lot of fun figuring out how to set things up in the new place. And, since today is a holiday and I'm taking Thursday and Friday off, only two days of work this week.

I am so not excited about work. I can't wait to get this chapter out, since then I will be done with first edits, where I have to do all of the writing. I much prefer the later stages of edit, where I am fixing things that are already in existence.

I also not excited about it because I'm really hoping to get a new job. I submitted my resume to O'Reilly late Thursday night, and I got a form response Friday evening saying that they had received my resume and would be reviewing my background and would get back to me if it fit with the job. I actually mentioned two jobs in there, so I hope to at least get contacted about one of them. Of course, with the way the job market is now, there are probably many more people out there who are a lot more qualified than I am. We'll see. The worst that will happen is that I won't hear back from them, none of my other leads will pan out, and I'll just stay where I am for another year, which wouldn't be ideal but it wouldn't be all that bad, either.

I really should send my resume out to some more employment agencies.

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