Queue (queue) wrote,

Stuff done so far today

  • Tickets arrived.
  • Ordered extra digital camera battery online.
  • Ordered 512 MB SD card for digital camera. This should hold more than 600 pictures, which should be adequate for 10 days in Iceland.
  • Listened to the pronunciation bits and the first lesson in Colloquial Icelandic. I'm going to try to listen to a little bit each day. Even after listening to the pronunciation guide, the initial dialogue was pretty difficult. They spoke relatively quickly, and I'm not yet used to all the different pronunciations for f and especially g.

  • Ate breakfast of leftover goulash that theora made.
  • Cleaned the bathroom, including installing new shower curtain liner. The tub is still pretty grimy, though; I think I'm going to have to buy a heavy-duty brush and some scouring powder.
  • Put last of clean clothes away (some shirts had been on my bed for a while).
  • Washed the kosher dishes (they'd been sitting on the table for a while).

I stayed for quite a while last night reading the tour book. I got through all of the introductory material and most of the information about Reykjavík. I'm really getting excited about this. Can you tell?
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