Queue (queue) wrote,


Dropped off a roll of film this morning. It's mostly from last weekend when I went walking in a part of the Fells. I finished off the last 6 or 7 shots in my back yard this morning. I don't think there are any cloud pictures on the roll. I should probably start picking out cloud pictures for the cloud room, but I think I'll wait until I get back from Iceland to do that. There is one shot on the roll that I'm particularly interested to see: it's of a straight path with trees on both sides. Fairly cliche, I know, but I think it will turn out really well.

Talking to some people at work yesterday about my Iceland trip, I realized that I could bring pictures in to work to show people. Maybe I'll make a little display board and hang it in my cube. It would be nice to have something like that to look at instead of just the loads of random paper strewn about.
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