Queue (queue) wrote,


Should I be doing something more productive than reading Something Positive? Probably. I'm up to March of this year in the archives.

I should take a walk to the Everett Library and see about getting a PIN for accessing my account online. It seems like I would have already done that, but I guess I haven't. This is so I can request Colloquial Icelandic, which is at the Wakefield library. learn_icelandic seems to think it's the second best book for learning Icelandic; the best book seems to be only available in Iceland. If I end up going there, I should remember to pick up a copy.

Contemplating the party tonight. I don't really feel like wearing a costume, and it's apparently a mandatory part of attending the party. And I'm not sure I'm in a party kind of mood, either. Well, okay, it's probably more that I'm just not really a party kind of person.

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