Queue (queue) wrote,

Shrimp Scampi

Made shrimp scampi for the first time last night. Heat up some olive oil and brown some minced garlic. Then add lemon juice, white wine, green onions, and shrimp. Cook until the shrimp is pink (the recipe I saw said about 1-2 minutes per side). I put it over angel hair pasta. I made way more pasta than shrimp. I made a pound of pasta (I never make partial boxes of pasta), but I only made as many shrimp as would fit flat in my skillet. I either need to get a bigger skillet or just not care about having the shrimp flat (not sure what this does to cooking time or how evenly they get cooked). The shrimp itself was excellent. I think I might try it with a different pasta next time, and I'll likely put a little oil in with the pasta so it doesn't stick together (or maybe that's just the angel hair).

Also, the coconut cream pie turned out well. This was my second time making this Cook's illustrated recipe, only this time I did the variation with lime zest in the filling. I probably could have used more lime zest, as the lime taste didn't come through all that well (thought it was still detectable). It called for 1.5 teaspoons, but I just zested the 2 limes that I had. It came close to that, I think (I didn't measure), but I don't think it quite made it.

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