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So, I ended up finishing the dishes today. I also completely cleaned both counters, which included removing everything, cleaning it, scrubbing down the counters, throwing stuff out, and replacing everything. I also managed to finish the campaigns that come with HOMM 4 (except that I actually finished the first one on majes's computer, so I'm now trying to finish the first one here to see if an additional campaign opens up after you finish all six) and finish Season 2 of Futurama. And I got in a nap for about two and a half hours.

This evening, I think I'm going to at least make a start at cleaning/organizing all of my non-refrigerator food. There's some stuff that can certainly be thrown out, and I can make better use of the space I have. I also need to find some little plastic thing to jam in a hole so that one of the shelves doesn't tip. And I'll probably also make dinner (pasta plus the remains of the mango-nectarine-lime chutney from <lj user="magid") and start in on Season 3 of Futurama. Tomorrow I'll tackle the refrigerator and freezer. And then maybe I'll get the rest of the downstairs into shape, which includes the dining room (minimal stuff to do there), the living room, the closet, and the game shelves. And if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll start in on my bedroom, although I'm less concerned about that since that won't be party space. And then maybe I'll clean the bathroom and wash the kitchen floor on Sunday. Then I have the Jimmy Buffet concert, which should be a lot of fun. Then I have to go back to work.

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