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I woke up this morning and contemplated staying home. I actually convinced myself to come into work. For one thing, I wasn't sure what the timing is for the thing I'm currently working on, so I didn't know if my not being here for a day would screw things up or not. Also, I didn't feel terribly motivated, so I knew that I wouldn't be productive at home and would likely end up feeling worse at the end of the day.

So I ended up getting up and heading into work. Before I did, I finished off a roll at home. I popped the back open again, but this time I just closed it back up, having learned that the whole roll won't be messed up. I dropped two rolls off at South End Photo Lab this morning. Between walking there and walking to the bus, I got fairly soaked. My umbrella is too small, so my jeans and shirt got a bit wet, plus my shoes and socks got pretty wet from a couple of puddles. I'm pretty excited about getting the pictures back. There should be some good cloud pictures and some decent portraits.

Having decided to come into work has not made me more motivated to work, however. I have done two things, though. In trying to think up a multiple representations problem for a lesson I'm working on, I ended up thinking up a good multiple representations problem for the following lesson, so I emailed that idea to my supervisor and to the person working on that lesson. I also fielded a phone call from someone in electronic production, which was moderately useful since my supervisor is in meetings all morning.

I should try to write some exercises for my lesson. Blargh.

What I really need to do is figure out what I want to be doing with my life. Is there a lot of that going around lately, or am I just noticing it because it's happening to me, too? What I want to do is sit down and figure out how much time I should be spending on socializing, how much time lazing around watching TV or playing computer games, how much time cleaning the house, how much time working on creative projects, etc. So, basically what I want right now is to come up with some sort of schedule. But schedules are anathema to who I am. I tend to work best spontaneously. But that doesn't seem to be letting me do stuff that makes me feel productive and fulfilled. So maybe a change is in order. I think I need to force myself to sit down tonight and come up with some sort of radical change.

We'll see.

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