Queue (queue) wrote,

My company is continuing to hire

McDougal Littell's Boston product development office has open positions in all departments and we need your help. These are great long-term contract positions that offer competitive pay and full benefits.

Specifically, we are looking for experienced:

Math Editors (grades 6-12; math degree required)
World Languages Editors (Spanish & French)
Humanities Editors
Photo Researchers
Production Coordinators
Electronic Production Specialists
Editorial/Production Assistants

Please help us get the word out- most departments are hiring at a variety of experience levels ranging from Associate to Senior levels.

All resumes should be sent McDougal Littell Human Resources in Boston:

Houghton Mifflin Company
ATT: McDougal Littell Boston Human Resources
222 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116

email: HR_Center@hmco.com

Feel free to spread the word around. I'd be happy to talk to people about these positions. I'd also be happy to split a referral bonus if that ends up happening. This is really a great company to work for.

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