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Web site

So I got some work done on my web site yesterday. I added a Jotto page, with a link to the rules and some mention of my Jotto program and word lists. I added a links page, with sites that I visit every day and a sentence or two about each site. I really should proofread those pages, but it's really hard for me to proofread my own work.

Still to do on the web site is add my poetry and maybe some of my stories, if I can dig them up. Also, I still need to do soemthing about the design. And I could probably put my resume up there. Hmm, I suppose I should learn how to do tables so it will look nice like cthulhia's online resume.

I had fleeting thoughts of doing a raytraced logo, possibly with Boggle cubes. But I really don't think I feel like playing with POV right now. I've done it before, and I could probably get something decent-looking in a not unreasonable amount of time. However, I just have a lot of things going on, and I don't need to waste time playing with something else right now. I wonder if I could convince my artist friend to make soem nice line drawings for me. I'd probably have to come up with sketches first, though. Let me know if you're interested, artist-in-my-life.

Another thing I was thinking about yesterday was a Perl CGI thing that randomly generated a Boggle board on the fly. Just grab either a photograph or a raytrace of each Boggle letter, and then an outline of the board. Have the CGI just generate a JPEG on the fly, putting the pieces together in the appropriate manner. Would be an excuse to learn to do a useful CGI and to learn to use the image manipulation modules. This will probably wait until after the move. Maybe use it to generate more interest in the Boggle tournament, or maybe use it to keep up Boggle interest after the tournament.
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