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Questions from spwebdesign

(1) How/where did you develop (no pun intended) your interest in photography?

I'm not really sure. hrafn and I first bought a digital camera shortly after we left college. I generally liked the pictures I took. When I got my second digital camera, I started taking more pictures, and I started getting good feedback from other people on the pictures I took. So, if I like my pictures, and other people like my pictures, there must be something there (so I figured). So I keep taking pictures.

(2) Which aspect of science fiction appeals to you more, the science or the fiction?

I like the science aspect very much, but it really is all about the fiction for me. The characters and their relationships and how the characters get through the plot.

(3) You seem, from the little I know about you, to have maintained friendships with several of your exes. Is this something you strive for and work at? Or have you just been lucky?

I've never really thought about why this has happened. It's not really something I've consciously thought, "Hmm, I need to maintain friendships with my exes." It just sort of seems to happen. And it doesn't seem weird to me, but I guess that's not necessarily normal. I mean, whatever it was that attracted me to that person in the first place is still there, so I (generally) still like that person and want to hang out with that person; it's just that, for whatever reason, dating didn't work out.

(4) Has your interest in/skill at Boggle improved as a result of the editing work you do, or are you better at your job because of your interest in Boggle and other similar games?

I see Boggle as much more of a mathematical game than a word game. Finding words, searching through possible combinations, it's all very mathematical. Editing is not really all that mathematical (even the mathematical textbook editing usually isn't all that mathematical), so I don't really find any connection between the two. But thinking about it a little more, I'm not so sure. It's definitely something that bears more thinking about, especially since I see Boggle and editing as the two things that I am strongest at. There may very well be some connection.

(5) How's that computer working out?

I haven't touched it since I brought it home. I haven't really had any time at home lately, and when I have had time at home, I haven't felt like doing much. Dishes and laundry have not gotten done in quite a while, and they really should. I managed to go shopping (both for clothes and for groceries) yesterday, so I think I'm going to try to use that momentum and get some house stuff done today, which will include setting up the computer.
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