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Shopping - Queue — LiveJournal
August 27th, 2004
12:37 pm


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At magid's suggestion, I stopped in at Marshall's on my way to go get lunch. Marshall's is in the same building as my work, so it's extremely convenient to go there. I got two pairs of jeans for $20 each, which I was pretty pleased with. They actually had a number of 32x30 jeans, which I'm not used to seeing. I wonder if, since those don't sell as much, they're more likely to end up at Marshall's.

I had a weird thing happen while shopping there. I saw some shirts that I liked, and I considered buying them. I'm too cheap for that, though, since I don't actually have a need for shirts (as opposed to jeans, which I desperately needed, because I had no jeans without holes in them). But I found myself wishing that I needed to buy shirts so that I could get these. This is very weird for me. Maybe I'm missing the shirts I usually got for Christmas from hrafn's mom.

I still need to go grocery shopping. I'm seriously considering going right after work, taking the T to Malden in order to go to the Stop & Shop there, then taking the bus home. But going immediately home after work is very tempting, especially since I was good and got clothes shopping done. We'll see. If I don't go grocery shopping today, I'll likely go tomorrow morning.

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