Queue (queue) wrote,

Food as community builder

So, I shaved this morning, and I picked up new glasses. I look pretty different. I had brief thoughts of bleaching my hair, but I decided against that. When I was picking up shaving supplies (I bought one of those triple-blade razors. I have previously used electric razors, but I think the blades must need replacing or soemthing. Anyway, I wanted a really smooth shave, and I've never had much success with the electric, so I thought I'd give the standard a try. And it worked), I felt in a food-creative mood, or at least food-inspired, so I picked up strawberries, bananas, lemons, and limes. At home this evening, I made some lemon-lime ade, which is yummy. Then hrafn and I went for a walk while the lemon-lime ade was chilling (and picked up some nummy soft-serve ice cream from the new ice cream place near us). When we got back, zzbottom and sekjaya were downstairs, so I invited them up with the promise of lemon-lime ade and imminent strawberry-banana smoothie. zzbottom had a new game he wanted to try (he had played it with hrafn, but had not yet played it with four people), so we hung out talking while I made the smoothie, and then we played. It's Reiner Knizia's Digging, a card game of prospecting and claim-jumping in the Old West. It's fun, and Paulo and I were a good team, winning handedly.

So, it was neat that I got some nice hanging-out time with friends because I made some nice food. I think I will definitely have to make the lemon-lime ade again. I may have to make a large batch for my birthday picnic thing.

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