Queue (queue) wrote,

Moving Guide

My friends seem to move a lot. Or else it's just that I have a lot of friends, and they occasionally move. In any case, I've helped a lot of people move since coming to Boston. During the most recent one, I started thinking about putting together a moving guide. A web page (most likely) that gives advice for how to have a good move when you're doing it yourself with the help of friends.

I've been to good moves, and I've been to bad moves. Some of the bad things that happened were just bad luck (like majes's car getting hit during my last move), but most of the bad things could have been prevented (even majes's car getting hit. The reason it was hit was because it was sitting on the side of a road where it wasn't supposed to be parked. The reason it was doing that was because I got the moving truck stuck trying to make a corner, and he was going door-to-door looking for someone to move a car so I could get the truck through. Better route planning could have avoided all of that).

So, I'm soliciting advice from people, either things to do or things to avoid. If I get sufficient motivation, I'll pull everything together, add my own thoughts, and put it up on the Web as a community resource. So, got anything to say on the topic?

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