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August 9th, 2004
08:40 pm


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Crossing Borders, by Tom Doyle
This week's Strange Horizons story is "Crossing Borders" by Tom Doyle. Excellent, excellent story. Definitely worth a read. hrafn, I think you might enjoy the ending.

In other news, I went shopping this evening at the newly discovered closer Stop & Shop. The walk was only 15 minutes. However, the store doesn't have as much as the one in Malden (didn't have my brand of soy milk), and they have no self-checkout lanes. But they do have a Burger King across the street, which might make a nice walk on a weekend morning to get a Croissan'wich. I will likely visit that Stop & Shop again, but I don't think I'll totally abandon the one in Malden (especially on those rare occasions when I have access to a car).

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Date:August 12th, 2004 01:55 pm (UTC)

Crossing Borders

Heh. Yeah, that was fun.
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