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Searches during DNC ruled constitutional; others still up in the air

From the Massachusetts ACLU Web site, dated July 28th:
A federal judge today rejected efforts by the National Lawyers Guild to challenge the searches near the Convention site during the DNC.

. . .

The ACLU of Massachusetts renewed its call for the MBTA to discontinue the policy after the Convention, and urged the more than one million commuters who use the train and subway system each day to assist in bringing a legal challenge to any on-going search policy.

"This policy violates the Fourth Amendment's protections against unreasonable searches without making anyone safer," said Rose. "Any system that is truly random - in which the police exercise no discretion - will be incapable of either catching or deterring terrorists, given that more than one million people use the T each day. But it will enable police to search people without probable cause."

The ACLU is asking people subjected to a search to fill out a form detailing the way in which the searches are being conducted. The form is available on the ACLU of Massachusetts website at: http://www.aclu-mass.org/mbta/search_form.asp
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