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Random Journal

It's been a little while since I've looked at a random journal, and it's been quite a while since I've written about one. Found one today of someone who is only a few hops from me. She is part of TNG, a BDSM group that gets together in Davis Square occasionally (weekly, I think). Not someone I know directly, but I recognized the name of one of her friends, and that person has some friends that I know (none of whom are on my friends list, though).

Not particularly interesting, but I thought I'd note it, anyway. Plus, I'm not all that interested in working. Although I did just figure out part of a problem I was having on a page. Now I just need to figure out if I can make the art any smaller so that it will all fit. Felt good to fix one thing. Now, I'm not sure if it's an approved way or not (I think it might be), but it makes things fit better, and I think it looks good, so we'll see if it flies. I've become a big fan of trying things thta I like and seeing if people agree afterwards rather than asking people if they think something is a good idea first. Something that maybe sounds risky or unwise might look really good to them when it is actually on the page.

Heard back from nSight, the staffing agency, on Tuesday. cthulhia heard back from them on the same day, so that must have been when they batch-processed their replies. It was a form reply of "We received your resume, someone will be contacting you soon." I think that's a nice way to do things. There's nothing worse than sending a resume out and just never hearing anything back. The only thing I'm worried about is that they want two years of experience. I have almost a year here, but I don't have anything full-time in the field before that, just freelance proofreading. We'll see if it's enough. I think if I can make it as far as getting an editing test (assuming they have stuff like that), then I can impress them. We'll see. I should probably keep trying other possibilities, but I just don't know what exactly I want to do. I guess I could just try some other staffing firms. If nothing else, they might help me get my resume in shape and at leats find out the kinds of experience I'm missing in order to get the kinds of jobs I want. I've also thought about just cold-calling some random publishing places, maybe see what kinds of jobs are out there in newspapers and magazines and such. I wonder if there are more volunteer things I can get into. Not that I need to fill up my time with more stuff. Oh well. We'll see.
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