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From The Boston Globe:
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority this morning became the first transit system in the country to screen passengers for explosives, as teams of MBTA officers stopped every 11th Boston-bound commuter at rail stations in Holbrook and Salem and tested handbags, briefcases and backpacks with a bomb-sensing machine.

. . .

Through the weekend, teams of officers will fan out to subway and train stations, as well as bus stops and ferry terminals and stop people on a random basis, Carter said. The policy will be stepped up on Monday, the first day of the convention, when every passenger with any type of carry-on item will be searched at certain locations, he said.

. . .

The policy will be officially announced this afternoon at an as-yet-unnamed station in Boston.

Um, wasn't the policy already officially announced? Of course, the second paragraph I quoted seems to imply something a bit more widespread than was previously announced.
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