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July 7th, 2004
03:42 pm


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Searching buses coming to Boston
From today's Boston Globe:
Boston-bound commuters had some unexpected company at a Concord Trailways bus stop Wednesday morning in Londonderry. Police and bomb-sniffing dogs were there to begin random security checks timed to coincide with the Democratic convention this month.

. . .

He said they are part of a widespread approach to tightening Homeland Security because of the 9-11 attacks, but also to add another layer of security for the convention this month in Boston.

"That provided sort of the starting point for us to say, 'Why don't we give it a try now?' "

. . .

He and Hart said a couple of passengers were not happy with the searches and delay, but eventually complied. Hunter said buying a ticket means a passenger agrees to terms imposed by the company, which include consenting to a search. Refusing means the driver can refuse a passenger a seat.

. . .

He said the next time the officers show up, they'll bring coffee and bagels for passengers.

Inch by inch . . .


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