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T announces its new screening procedures

From a brochure in PDF format on the MBTA Web site:
July, 2004

MBTA launches inspections of
carry-on items.

To maintain the safety of our passengers, we
ask you to support our efforts by bringing
fewer items aboard MBTA buses, subway and
commuter rail trains.

From now on:
• All MBTA customers will be subject to
security inspections of any carry-on item.
Your commute may be briefly delayed.
Please allow a little extra time for a
potential security inspection of your
handbags, briefcases and/or other carry-on
items and for other security measures. Your
patience is appreciated.

“Our goal in initiating
carry-on inspections
and other security
measures is to safeguard
the riding public and
thereby deter and
prevent terrorist activity.”
—MBTA Police Chief Carter

Due to concerns raised by the Department of
Homeland Security and other law enforcement
agencies, the MBTA is taking steps to make the
transit system safer and more secure.

Working together, transit employees and
customers can provide a highly effective first
line of defense against terrorism.

And that's it. Not even a press release about it, other than the one from the beginning of June, saying that they are "developing a policy." The only detailed policy I've seen so far is the one for the week of the DNC. And I still haven't heard back about their definition of "packages".
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