Queue (queue) wrote,


So, I did end up going to the fireworks. I got there around 7:30. There was some stuff before the fireworks, but the fireworks themselves didn't start until 10:30. Still, I got home by midnight, which is great, considering the crowds. I was smart and hoofed it to Back Bay, where I managed to get a seat, and then I made it to Sullivan in time for the 11:45 109.

The 20 minutes of fireworks were worth the 3-hour wait. Two kinds of fireworks stood out in particular for me, neither of which I think I've seen before. There was something I would describe as a waterfall, and something I would describe as a kind of popcorn. Very nice. Here's a picture of neither of those. Also, a couple of blurry pictures (I only brought the digital camera) of the F-15's that did a flyby.

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