Queue (queue) wrote,

Stop & Shop

Huh. I was talking to some people at the bus stop last night (well, that's not the exact situation, but I'm too lazy to type the whole thing up (don't worry: it's not anything exciting)), and I found out that there's a Stop & Shop closer to me than the one near Malden Center. The way they were talking, it's just a block up Broadway from me (away from Boston). I just checked, and it's a bit more than that. Still, it's a bit under a mile from my house, about half the distance from my house to the Stop & Shop I usually go to. So I think I've found a new place to shop, and after only 2 years of living in my current place. It should only take me about 15 minutes to walk there. there's a bus that goes right by it, too, which should take less than 5 minutes. Neat. I feel a bit silly, but it's still neat.

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