Queue (queue) wrote,

Free Friday Flicks

WBZ's Web site says they can't print the names of the movies due to copyright issues, but they can give "hints". Here are the hints with the movie titles. I haven't seen most of these movies, so I'm looking forward to trying to do this every week.

June 18 - Finding Nemo
Adventures are sure to ensue when this little orange fish leaves safe waters and finds out just how big the ocean is.

June 25 - Monsters, Inc.
Follow Mike and Sully's adventures as they turn screams into laughter

July 9 - Brother Bear
A hunter turns into a bear and learns the true meaning of brotherhood from a young bear cub named Koda.

July 16 - Holes
Stanley and his pals are sentenced to dig holes as punishment at Camp Greenlake, but find burried treasure, too!

July 23 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirate Jack Sparow tries to save Elizabeth, the Governor's daughter, on the haunted ship The Black Pearl.

July 30 - X2
Your favorite Marvel Comics are back...trying to save the President's life and defend their mutant academy.

August 6 - Freaky Friday (2003 version)
This is no ordinary start to the weekend, as mother-daughter Tess and Anna Coleman's wishes come true when they switch bodies and lives!

August 13
To Be Determined

August 20 - Home on the Range
Three cows try to save their farm from an outlaw taking over the area.

August 27 - The Haunted Mansion
Stuck by the storm, realtor's Jim and Sara Evers spend the evening at a haunted estate, and encounter a ghost!

September 3 - Elf
Buddy the Elf travels to New York City in search of his real family when he no longer fits in at the North Pole.

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