Queue (queue) wrote,

The problem with being in this early is that there's not enough to read on LJ. Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for what's already up there, but the volume is lacking. Maybe I should add more friends from other time zones.

I can't believe no one wants my crappy monitor or my crappy dishwasher (I posted the dishwasher in Free Stuff on craigslist).

I had dreams about work last night. I don't think I've ever dreamed about work, or at least not my current job. That's what two days of being flooded with proof will do, I guess. If I had to work this hard all of the time, would I dream about work constantly?

Bridge at lunch, and then the movie at the Hatch Shell tonight (assuming I feel like braving the weather). Work should be at a bit more moderate pace since a lot of stuff got approved in the past two days. We shall see.

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