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Tonight's movie was WarGames. I noticed that the two guys in the missile silo int he beginning are none other than John Spencer (The West Wing) and Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs). I need to own more Tarantino movies.

I plugged in the old monitor sitting around in the basement. It works, so I posted it onto the gbreuse list. It's a bit dim, though. I imagine someone might find it useful for something. This is a step toward getting the basement in good shape. I've already got one room cleaned out: the room that theora's stuff is going into while she's away. I've got some random boxes of crap sitting around the main room of the basement. And I've also got my sister's old recliner, which I never use. Maybe I could find room for it in the living room? Er, maybe not. And probably not in the empty room upstairs, since that's where theora's bed is going while it lives here. I suppose I'll just end up moving it out of the way for the move (it's kind of in the way of the storage room right now).

So, I've watched my movie and eaten dinner. I wanted to take some pictures, but the light was fading, and I only have 400 film. I took a few shots of the sun setting behind some trees, though. The light meter said there wasn't enough light, but I think it'll come out interesting, since the sun should be decently exposed. I haven't taken any (non-digital) pictures since my class. I need to start taking pictures again.

And I need to get the house cleaned and organized. We'll see what I manage to get done tonight. Maybe I'll try being productive until 10, and then watch Diagnosis Murder and go to sleep. Or something. We'll see.

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