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June 23rd, 2004
07:24 pm


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A night at home
Got up early this morning, so I got into work early, which got me home early. I watched a movie (The Phantom Menace, which just about finishes off my recent VHS acquisitions (mostly from geeyodi)), ate a sandwich and some chicken sausage, and did the dishes.

I'm considering just heading up to my room and reading for the rest of the evening. Maybe after a bath. I could certainly use a bath after the busy work day with more in store for tomorrow.

I could also do some more cleaning stuff. I've got clean laundry I can put away. Maybe I'll flip on the TV upstairs and put my clothes away while I watch the last half of The Simpsons.

Um, yeah. I guess that's all for now. Getting to bed early and up early again tomorrow sounds like a good idea.

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