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MBTA during the DNC

Some highlights from a PDF of a booklet entitled Taking the T during the DNC, available from the MBTA's Web site.
  • "All baggage, briefcases, packs, and boxes are subject to search."
  • "Due to proximity to the Fleet Center, the Orange Line and highway buses will not permit packages aboard larger than 6" x 12" x 4" (about the size of a loaf of bread)."
  • "Your bag may be inspected aboard trains at Community College and Haymarket Stations."

Notice that the second item reads "packages". So, no large packages that could be holding bombs, but they'll allow bags that could be holding bombs? I don't really see how not allowing packages makes things safer. [Update: Okay, it's at least somewhat logical (see bitty's comment). Of course, I'll bet a hunk of plastic explosive the size of a loaf of bread (or several of them, distributed among several suicide bombers on the same train) could still cause some major fuckupage.]

And notice the redundancy about searching bags. They have a blanket statement for the whole transportation system that bags are subject to search, but then they specifically mention those two stops on the Orange Line. What the hell does that mean?

If you use the MBTA at all, and you're planning to use it during the DNC (end of July), you should probably read this booklet for information on station closures and schedule adjustments.
Tags: mbta, security
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