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No ID checks, but bag searches are still on the table

From the ACLU of Massachusetts Web site, posted June 14:
Key points on random ID checks
  • The ACLU has been advised by the MBTA that they do not plan to ask T passengers to produce identification.
  • The ACLU does not believe that the MBTA has the authority to arrest anyone for refusing to produce identification or to bar individuals from MBTA facilities if they refuse to present identification.
  • The MBTA may not agree that they do not have the authority to arrest for failure to produce identification, but they have no plans to do so.

Key points on baggage searches
  • MBTA police may request passengers or persons in MBTA stations for permission to search their luggage, parcels, backpacks, and persons.
  • At the present time, you are not required to permit such a search. However, we do not know at this time whether the MBTA will deny access to T facilities to anyone who does not consent to a search.
Tags: mbta, security
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