Queue (queue) wrote,

Spreading the Boggleness

Gave away yet another copy of Big Boggle yesterday. I was beginning to wonder when it would show up (I got it from eBay), and then one of the people living downstairs brought it up. It had been sitting on the front porch for who knows how long. We have a weird mail situation at the house. The mailboxes are actually on the side of the house, but sometimes things get delivered to the front porch, which never gets used, when there's a temporary mail delivery person or something. Also, for some reason, the mail delivery people never seem to actually put mail in our box; it always goes in the one for the first floor, so we end up having to dig through that mail to find our stuff. Anyway, Big Boggle. I've now given Big Boggle to 5 different people, and I think I've spread the Big Boggle meme to quite a few more people than that. Well, I don't know if it actually qualifies as a meme, since most of the people have heard of it before and played it before, but I think the continuous playing of Big Boggle could be a meme. Hmm, I should probably give feedback for my eBay purchase, now that I've actually received it.

I should probably find something to do here at work, too, although I'm waiting on someone else to tell me what to do, since I'm sort of in between projects. Not started on middle school yet, but only doing smallish helping out type projects for high school, so I don't have something that I can always just sit and do. Boss Lady is out all this week (which I didn't know until I came in today), so the cow-orker that I was doing stuff for last week is I guess in charge of finding stuff for me to do this week, and he's not all that ready to decide what to give me yet, so I have until 2 or so before he'll be ready to give me something. 30-45 minutes of that will be spent playing Boggle, though, so it's actually not all that much time. I do have someone else that I could probably ask for something to do (the Geometry book instead of the Algebra book), but I don't want to get started on something with Geometry and then have to put it on hold while I continue working on stuff for Algebra. Since I was promised stuff to do at 2, I think I'll hold off on asking about Geometry. If I get done with my stuff tomorrow and don't have anything to so, then I might ask for something from Geometry. Time to see my co-addict is ready to play Boggle.
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