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An evening - Queue — LiveJournal
June 11th, 2004
08:07 am


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An evening
I met majes, and we had dinner at The Wrap in Cleveland Circle. Then headed to the theater for the screening of The Chronicles of Riddick. When we got there, they were letting people with color printouts of the tickets in, but people with black-and-white printouts had to wait. Their reasoning was that Universal had told them not to accept photocopies, and they seemed unclear on the concept that you can have a black-and-white printout that is not a photocopy. And after all of the "make sure you have an I.D." stuff, they didn't check I.D. at all. After the movie, this chick from Pioneer handed out a CD with previews of things and a commercial for their new in-dash DVD player. She was giving three of them to everybody. I'm not sure I'm even going to open mine.

The movie itself was fun, if a bit cheesy at times. I enjoyed it, but I'm easy when it comes to movies. I'm not sure it will be everyone's cup of tea. So, I don't think I would give this my whole-hearted recommendation (like I would Napoleon Dynamite, for instance).

Took the 86 to Sullivan with majes, then took the 109 home. Stepping off the 109, I realized that I had left my jacket (err, hrafn's jacket that she lent me) at the theater. I emailed hrafn to make sure it was worth retrieving. Then I called the theater, and they have it. So I'm heading back out to Circle Cinemas after work to get the jacket. I'll probably just take the bus home after that, but it's also possible that I'll decide to head back into town to see Run Lola Run at MIT tonight.

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Date:June 11th, 2004 10:53 am (UTC)
Was meaning to email you this morning, but am having trouble accessing email from work.

Due to not getting NBP reading done last night, I need to do some tonight, which means I definitely won't be going to see Run, Lola Run tonight. Still uncertain about tomorrow.

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