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They have a security statement up on their site since yesterday:
As part of an effort to guard against terrorism, MBTA Police are developing a policy that would involve random checks of passengers' bags.
Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have warned that terrorists might strike trains and buses in major U.S. Cities using bombs concealed in bags or luggage.

Under this policy, customers may be asked to allow a police officer to conduct a quick inspection of his/her bag... similar to searches conducted at airports.

While it is the MBTA's goal to have the policy in place prior to the Democratic National Convention, it's important to note that MBTA Police are looking long-term at a program that strikes a proper balance between individual rights and the T's obligation to ensure its customers' safety.

The MBTA is strongly committed to providing a safe and secure transit environment for the more than one million riders who use the system everyday.
I'm scratching my head about the ellipsis in there. Does that mean something was omitted, or were they just using it in place of an em dash? Also, here's a column from the Globe which pulls some items from the ACLU of Massachusetts MASS Impact report.
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