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June 5th, 2004
06:45 pm


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Phone Post: _A Fire Upon the Deep_, Redux
223K 1:04
“So, I tried Borders [tr. note: Boo! Hiss!], but they didn't have any Vernor Vinge [tr. note: further evidence that they suck]. So, no luck there. It was interesting: when I went in, little whatever-detectors beeped. I don't know what it was in my bag; I had a couple of books, like, a video, and some DVD's. It beeped when I went in, and then of course it beeped when I went out -- but nobody said anything or stopped me, or whatever. Speculating, like, well! Policy: make sure to beep when you go in, and sort of look at the security guard, so they know that you know that it beeped when you went in; and you should be able to, like, swipe stuff and then leave, 'cause it'll beep when you go out. That's the theory, anyway. Or maybe they wouldn't even care if it beeps, anyway, if someone just keeps walking. Just an interesting thought about security stuff. Yeah. So, no luck on the Vernor Vinge [tr. note: did I mention that they suck?]. Okay, bye.”

Transcribed by: zyxwvut

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