Queue (queue) wrote,

Productive day

The last of the laundry is in the dryer. Most of the dishes are washed, and the fridge is cleaned out a bit. The table looks better, the recycling is in a little better shape, and the living room is picked up. I made myself lunch (baked tofu with barbecue sauce). I called my dad (he has a new job, one that sounds pretty neat).

And this is all with getting out of bed at 11! (I stayed up watching A Beautiful Mind, which I enjoyed.) Also, I have the whole rest of the evening to myself, too. I think I want to get the laundry put away, the recycling in better shape, and dinner made for myself. Those sound like reasonable goals for the rest of the day, and they leave me plenty of time to watch a movie (maybe Highlander?) and maybe even do something creative (although I doubt I'll motivate myself for that).

Tomorrow I have free until about 4:00. Before then, I want to finalize things for the Boggle tournament and get some more cleaning done. I think I'd like to finish up the dishes, finish getting the recycling ready, and reorganize the cabinets (there's a bit more room since the roommate left).

Speaking of the roommate, I got a call from him, just making sure everything was fine with his move and such. I have one piece of mail to forward to him. Other than that, I shouldn't have to deal with him ever again. Not that he's awful to deal with, but I finally really feel like I have the place to myself. Spending a whole day at home cleaning helps, too, for some reason.
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