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My last photography class is tomorrow. Our assignment is to photograph a stranger. Just walk up to them and ask to take their picture. So I brought my camera with me today. It took quite a bit of walking around before I was able to work up the courage to ask someone. I got two negative responses, then two positive responses, then another positive over in the Public Garden, then another negative. I ended up with 10 pictures, which I'm happy with. I might have gotten more except for the interesting bit.

After getting my last no, I walked up to this young woman who had just sat down at a bench and had pulled out what looked like a guide book. I asked, and she hesitantly said no. I said okay. I noticed that it was indeed a Boston guide book, so I asked if she had any questions about Boston.

"Yes," she said. "Do you know what park this is?"

I did indeed. She was trying to figure out how to walk to Cambridge, specifically to a place near the Science Park stop on the Green Line. She's from Milwaukee, graduated college last year, and spent the last seven months in France teaching English. She just got into Boston yesterday, and she has an interview tomorrow. She said she's looking for a home and that she's drawn to the East Coast for some reason. I got the idea that this wasn't the first city she's visited recently. After helping her look at a map in her guide book, I made to leave, telling her good luck and such.

"Um. You too," she said, smiling. I left. About three seconds later, I began thinking that maybe I should have asked her to dinner or something. Was her "um" an indication that she wanted me to do that? She was friendly. She probably appreciated having a friendly person chat with her in a new city. It took me a bit to decide to head back there.

Of course, she was gone by the time I did. I ended up trying to go up a few streets that she might have gone on, but I didn't see her.

Now, she did tell me which company she has an interview with tomorrow. I played out a scenario in my head where I call up the company, say that I chatted with someone interviewing there tomorrow (I don't even know her name!), and say that I accidentally walked away with a book of hers or something like that. Then I'd leave my phone number. I would never do that, though. Too shy and too honest to do something like that. I've also entertained the idea of hanging out in front of the company in the morning, hoping to see her. Does that seem too stalkerish? I mean, it would pretty much be my only opportunity to see her again. And it's a public place. I dunno. Any thoughts?

Seeing that movie last night kind of put me in a weird place, a place where I would actually consider doing something like this.
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