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May 23rd, 2004
11:00 am


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Phone Post: [Last day to RSVP for Boggle tournament]
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“This is the last day to RSVP for the Boggle tournament next weekend. If you have not sent me an email after I sent out the Boggle invite saying “Yes, I am RSVPing for the tournament,” then you have not RSVPed for the tournament, um, so you must do so today. Uh, that is all. Bye.”

Transcribed by: beowabbit

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Date:May 23rd, 2004 08:25 am (UTC)
Alas, I won’t be able to make it. Bummer! Hope it’s excellent.
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Date:May 23rd, 2004 08:57 am (UTC)
Did you get the e-mail I sent on Keya's behalf? If it has to come from her, I suppose I could forge an e-mail. ;)
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