Queue (queue) wrote,

All in a Day's Work

So, my supervisor is retiring, so Dennis, the supervisor I had when I first started working here, is my supervisor again. I'm going through his comments on The Chapter That Wouldn't Die. This is the first time he's seen it, so there are a decent number of comments.

Anyway, he wants me to change the wording on one of the question. It's an Error Analysis question, where it talks about someone's mistake and asks you to identify and correct it. The last sentence of the question is "How would you help the student write a correct proportion?" Dennis wants me to change it to "Then write a correct proportion." I agree that it's the better wording. To point out why he thinks this is a better wording, he wrote next to the old wording: "Hand him a pencil? I don't know." That just cracked me up.

In the same chapter, there is a lesson that is title "Draw a Diagram and Solve a Simpler Problem". Next to the lesson title, Dennis wrote "and then Do a Little Dance". For such a serious guy, he can really crack me up.

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