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Went for the first bike ride of the season yesterday with magid. Here it is in bullets, since I don't feel like doing more than that:
  • walked with bike from magid's to bike store to pick up her bike
  • biked from bike store (Ace Wheelworks) to Arlington Center
  • stopped and crossed the street to head back
  • after about a block, magid pulled over because she lost her odometer
  • stood around with both bikes while magid looked for odometer
  • magid returned with busted odometer
  • convinced magid to go back to the store to get a replacement
  • rode back to the store
  • waited quite some time while 3 different people (ending with the manager) talked to magid
  • magid got a replacement odometer, which she is going to install herself
  • biked back to magid's

After the ride, I stretched (at magid's suggestion) and then took a shower. My legs were a bit sore just after riding, but they haven't been sore since. Weird. Maybe there wasn't enough riding to make them really sore. Still, I worked up a good sweat, which is not something I'm used to doing. The only exercise I get is walking. I think I'm going to try to go out on the bike more.

Yesterday was also the first time this year that the heat interfered with me getting to sleep. I eventually decided to take a bath, and that helped get me to sleep.

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