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Anyone have an idea of how to do tournament scheduling for Boggle? I searched all over last year, but the only tournament info I found was for one-on-one matches. The Boggle tournament will be played with 3 or 4 people at a table, which makes it rather difficult. Last year, I ended up writing a program to generate lots of random tournaments and pick the one that minimized repeats (someone playing in a game with the same person more than once). Anyone have a better idea?

My roommate quit his job on Friday. He spent all weekend fishing, and he's taking this week off. I imagine this means he'll be home during the day, but maybe he'll spend more evenings with his girlfriend. I doubt he'll be employed by the time he moves out. It sounds like that might be June 1, but I still haven't heard a definite date from him. I'm hoping that he'll do the dishes today while I'm at work (I've done a lot of them recently).

Last night I did dishes, made dinner, and watched several (6?) episodes of Stargate. This morning, I finished Hyperion on the train (excellent book, and I'm definitely hunting down the sequels) and realized that I forgot to bring leftovers for lunch.

I'm taking pictures of hrafn and zzbottom tonight. The assignment for this week is to photograph a couple. I hope they can act sufficiently couplish. I think I might use the flash, since I should get some more practice with it, but we'll see. I don't intend to use it very much once I'm done with the class, so I guess now is the time to experiment with it.

I haven't been journaling much lately. I've been getting that completist feeling that I sometimes get about certain things. I have the feeling that I want to record absolutely everything about my life in my journal. Since I don't have the motivation to do that, I can't find the motivation to write about anything at all. It's weird. I get similar feelings when I think I should start a gift log. I can't write down everything, since there are many gifts I've received in the past, so I feel like I can't start a gift log at all. I know it's dumb, but there it is.

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