Queue (queue) wrote,

Posting from my dad's. I spent some time trying to fix the computer. I got Spybot installed, but there still seems to be something here, and I have no idea why. And their scanner isn't working, and I tried installing a new driver, but it still isn't working. It says some other program is using the scanner, but no other program is running. It went bad after they installed some McAfee stuff. So I've officially given up and told them to find someone who knows what to do to fix this stuff.

Truck got all loaded. Last-minute plumbing problem resulted in water in the basement, but my mom was able to get plumbers out to fix it, so it should be all set. We're spending the night in the house tonight with pillows and blankets on a rug. We get up in the morning, throw the last bits in the truck, and head out. It should be about 12 hours, with me driving all of the way, and then we get to unload the truck into storage. Then I get to get up at 4:00 or something and get on an airplane at 7:00. Straight into work from there. Hoo boy, we're gonna have some fun.

I hope everyone had a good weekend with me out of town, because this is the last one you're going to get until July, you bastards.

Someone remind me to send out Boggle invites next week.
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