Queue (queue) wrote,

Loaded up most of the boxes. A friend of my mom helped take the table apart. He used to be a mover, so he's full of good advice, which is nice. I'm sure we could have done okay without his advice, but things will go a lot smoother because of it.

I decided I would come to the library one last time today before it closes. I stepped outside and noticed that it had started to sprinkle. I let my mom know. She said I could use the car if I wanted. To go two blocks. Literally two blocks. Two short blocks. I walk farther every morning to get to the bus stop. I really don't understand.

Hungry. I still haven't eaten anything since breakfast, but we're going out within an hour or so, so I guess I'll be fine. Actually, I was a lot hungrier earlier.

Some things I wanted to note (I really should have been writing things down during the trip):
  • The Sky Mall catalog is full of wondrous things. One particular item of note was your very own branding iron. You're supposed to use it to brand your steaks on the grill. The initials of the one in the catalog were, I shit you not, GWB. I have to remember to grab a copy of the catalog on my flight home.
  • I bought food on the drive out here and got a nickel in change. The back of the nickel had a design commemorating the Louisiana Purchase. How cool is that? I didn't know they were making any special coins other than the state quarters.
  • I like taking pictures of clouds. I think I am going to take a bunch of cloud pictures, pick my favorite ones, get them enlarged, and hang them all over the walls of the small bedroom in my house. Or maybe along the stairs. If I don't do that for the stairs, someone remind me that I want to put something there, either a mural or a collage of photos.

I'm sure there were more things, but I forget them now.

Visiting a smaller town really makes me appreciate living in Boston even more than I already do. I think I might like to travel a little more than I currently do, though, if for no other reason than to have interesting places to take pictures. I wish I felt more like taking pictures right now.
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