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Hmm - Queue — LiveJournal
April 24th, 2004
10:54 am


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A bit down. I'm not quite sure why. I have some slight idea, but that, too, may be just a symptom. Whatever.

Posting from Mishawaka, Indiana, at the library near my mom's house. The library is open until 6 (7 Eastern) today, so I'll likely make it back at least once to check email and LJ again. The library is closed tomorrow, though, and I'm leaving first thing Monday morning, so I likely won't check anything after today until Tuesday at work. If for some reason you need to contact me, I have my cell phone with me.

We picked up the truck this morning. It's 25 feet long. She really could have gotten by with a smaller truck, but whatever. She seems pretty grateful that I'm here to drive it, since she said she would have been very nervous driving it. I've driven moving trucks from coast to coast (although it was in two moves) and for some local moves. No big deal. I'm not really looking forward to Monday, though. Probably 11 or 12 hours on the road (can't go as fast in the truck as I would in a car), and I'll likely do all of the driving. I just want to be home, and I want things there to be how I want them.

And I want another week off from work. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. And blah. I hope I feel better by the time I get back.

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