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Found this on the company bulletin board. Basically, they're looking for jurors for student presentations in June, to offer feedback on the student's proficiency in a particular area.

April 2004

Dear Friend,

The students, faculty, and staff of City on a Hill Public Charter High School hereby invite you to hold us accountable.

At the end of every school year a jury assesses the work of our students. Each jury is made up of community members, a teacher, and a student. Each student that presents in front of a jury is working to demonstrate his/her proficiency in that subject in order to be promoted to the next level of study. This year, juries will be held Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18.

The time commitment for a juror is flexible. A juror may serve for one, two, or three blocks on a single day or on more than one day. Each block is approximately 2.5 hours long, consisting of a 10 minute orientation followed by five 20 minute sessions with students. In each session, a student presents, the jurors confer, and the jurors offer feedback to the student.

We hope you will be able to participate. Please use the enclosed fax sheet to indicate the time(s) and date(s) you would like to serve as a juror. Please return the form to us by fax or mail as soon as possible. Our goal is to engage 300 community members to serve on our young people’s juries. We would love for you to be among them.

Two pillars of our mission at City on a Hill are academic achievement and public accountability. Juries embrace both of these values, providing our students with authentic ways to show what they know and can do and providing an opportunity for you, the citizens of Boston, to comment on our accomplishments and our challenges as a public charter school.

Thank you for your commitment to accountability in public education. We hope to see you in June.


Annalee Salcedo
Director, Community Engagement, x211

I'd be happy to send the form to be faxed along to anyone who's interested. On it, you can select which subject areas you'd like to assess. The choices are English, history, mathematics, and Spanish. They note that they are in particular need of jurors for the Spanish presentations.
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