Queue (queue) wrote,

1, 2, 15, 16, 32

So I have an appointment with the dentist May 15th to fill some of my cavities. One or two of the teeth may get yanked (although not on the 15th, since that has to be done elsewhere). But, 1 and 16 are the ones to possibly get yanked, and the hygienist (who used to work for an oral surgeon) said those are 10-second extractions; I just need to get numbed up and then you wiggle them right out. So I'm not feeling too nervous about that. Aynone care to share how getting a filling compares to getting teeth cleaned?

And, really, I had no problems for all of the years I didn't visit a dentist, and, having visited a dentist a little over a year ago, now all of a sudden I am having these cavities. I can come to only one conclusion: visiting the dentist causes cavities.
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