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Picked up a cheap tripod at Ritz Camera just now. $30. It says it's for up to 4.4 pounds, although I'm not sure how much my camera and lenses weigh. That's probably something I should find out. They also had camera bags there, but I decided not to look at them right now. I did notice, however, that they have little camera cases suitable for my digital camera, so I might pick one of those up at some point, too.

I wanted to get the tripod now, though, since I want to use it for this week's assignment. He wants us to step out from behind the camera so that we can engage our subject in conversation, so they're not just looking at a camera. I think I'll stash my camera and tripod at work tonight, since I think I might get a chance to photograph hrafn tomorrow after work. I'll just have to remember to bring my cable release from home.

In other news, no Red Sox tickets for me. Work is doing something different this year with the company's box seats. They're giving away pairs of tickets, and people can bring along someone else. I made it as first runner-up for both Saturday and Sunday. If someone ends up not being able to go, then I'll get the tickets. This bunch was for 5 games in April, but they may be getting more later in the season.

I have some work to do today, but I also have some stuff that has to wait on replies from other people. My supervisor has been in contact with these other people, but things take a while. It takes her a while to send out the initial email, since she wants to make sure she gathers all of the questions at once (and, well, she's got a bunch of other things going on, too, nd this stuff isn't top priority). Then it takes a while for them to get back to us, sometimes even taking a phone call to push things. Then when we get a reply, either they didn't answer everything or they misunderstood some of the questions. And then my supervisor has to think to tell me about it, since I'm not included on the emails. Usually this happens when I go to her cube and say, "This stuff is ready to go out. Have we heard back from X about Y?"

I got some insight into why we're doing all of this back-and-forth with the sales people about this, and it makes sense. It's still an organizational nightmare. I think I would be more okay with it if I had complete control over our end of it. However, everything has to go through my supervisor, so it's not ideal for me. Which leads to me doing things like making longish LiveJournal posts instead of being a diligent worker.
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