Queue (queue) wrote,

A nice weekend. A busy weekend. Thanks to hrafn's help, I managed to get the dishwasher out. I put it up on gbreuse last night, but no one has expressed interest in it. If anyone wants it (even just for parts or whatever), let me know.

I played lots of games over the weekend and watched some movies and some Are You Being Served? episodes. I cooked a decent amount and also did a lot of dishes, including Sunday night after people left.

Busy week this week. Book signing tonight, dinner out tomorrow, probable game on Wednesday, and class on Thursday. And on the fifth day he rested. Then book club on Saturday.

Speaking of class, last week's class was good. The two hours really just flew by. The assignment this week is to do a self-portrait. He said we shouldn't get someone else to help us and shouldn't use a mirror or a flash. Other than that, he left it completely open. I took some pictures yesterday and finished the roll up this morning. I'm extremely curious to see how they turn out, since I have absolutely no idea what they'll be like.
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