Queue (queue) wrote,


The roommate is moving in with his girlfriend in June. He's not sure yet whether it will be the beginning or middle of June.

Decision time will be coming soon. Do I find another roommate? Or do I get to live alone again?

Living alone would be wonderful, but having money is good, too. Not getting the rent every month won't leave me with a lot of wiggle room. When the tax refund comes back, I'll be able to pay off my credit card, but I'll still owe my mom money. I think if I got hired onto staff at work and got a decent raise I might feel okay about making the mortgage payments myself. But unless and until that happens, I really think I need the extra money. Crappity. Oh well. I doubt I'll be able to find a roommate as good as the current one.

If anyone is going to be looking for a place or knows someone who is going to be looking for a place, let me know.

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